Liberty Lake / MeadowWood Men's Club

July 17, 2018:

Sydney Moore, one of two Memorial Scholarship winners is shown with (left to right) LLGC Pro Kit DeAndre, high school coach Rob Collins and LLMWMC President Tim Nersinger.  Sydney is an exceptional scholar and athlete at East Valley High School.  She received a $1,000 cash scholarship thanks to the donations of our club members.  She is currently attending North Idaho College and plans to move on to dental school.  Congratulations Sydney!  We wish you much success.

July 14, 2018:

Welcome to our revised "News" page.  We have replaced the links to old newsletters with more recent news and commentary from our contributors to the newsletter.

I would like to start things off by thanking all those members who have attended our club tournaments so far.  We have had higher attendance than in the years past, which is great!  I would also like to welcome several of the new members and players this year.  I look forward to the remaining four tournaments.  We should have some great competition in the Club Championship on August 4-5.  Our final event, the "Liberty Cup" match play competition will be bigger than the inaugural event last year.  It was well received and I am certain will be popular this year.  Be sure to mark your calendars for September 15-16 for that one!

Even though we've had good attendance this year, I would like to mention the problem of "no shows" at our tournaments.  Mostly notably the President's Cup held on June 9th.  We had some rain that day and over one third of the players who signed up didn't show up.  That was not only very disappointing, but "no shows" hurt the bottom line for prize money that affects all the rest who do show up and play.  The tournament purse is calculated by the number of players signed up, and when not all players show the purse must be recalculated.  The reduction on entry fees puts the burden on club contributions or the total purse is reduced.  So please, if you put your name on the sign up sheet plan to attend.  Either not showing or calling the pro shop at the last minute to cancel isn't cool.

If you haven't already noticed, it is my policy to publish the tee times for the weekend tournaments on the front page of our website on the Friday prior, around noon.  I also try to get the results posted by noon the day after the tournaments, along with the list of skins and deuce winners who have envelopes at the pro shop.  Just a reminder, the envelopes are not available at the pro shops until 2 pm.

See you on the course,

Paul Halttunen

Tournament Chairman

August 5, 2018:

Newly crowned Men's Club Champion Gordon Dallas, pictured with President Tim Nersinger.